There’s a LOT going on these days and many people are fearful of a lot of different things. I think most people are fearful of getting c0v!d. Personally, I believe it may not be a matter of IF you’ll get it, but when you get it. The delta variant is highly contagious and we need to be doing our best to fight it and be ready for it just in case we do get it. Remember, regardless of your va€€ination status you can still be infected and you can still spread it. Since nobody is exempt from getting it then we all should be taking care of our bodies as much as we can to prevent and treat it as early and quickly as possible. We got €0v!d last month.

Here’s my story:

My husband had €0v!d earlier this month after being exposed at work. I tested negative and decided to help him through it for a week. Thank GOD that He put learning and pursuing herbalism and gardening on my heart years ago. I believe the prayers of the righteous, my God given discernment, knowledge of plant medicine, and my inner nerd that enjoys research and learning helped tremendously.

He drank lots of my specially formulated teas to help with everything from antiviral, anti-inflammation, fatigue, coughing, mucous, and his pre-existing condition. He wore an o2 oxygen meter to monitor his levels. I also finally got him to agree to my strict dietary restrictions and that helped him tremendously. After helping him for a week I left him to continue quarantining because I believed he had hit his peak. I went to quarantine alone and took another test and that was positive this time. I admit I was definitely afraid when I tested positive, but after helping him through it I knew I didn’t have time to waste. 

Later that day I lost my smell and partially lost my taste. Had I not taken that test or lost my taste I wouldn’t have known I had it. I had no other symptoms throughout. That was a blessing, but I believe it was because I’d been taking the teas and vitamins that I was giving him as a preventative measure. My taste fully returned after 3 days and smell was completely back in 6.

My case was extremely mild. His was not, but I went hard on his care and treatment as soon as we knew he had it.

A Personal Word to You:

I’m sharing this story to tell you do NOT let fear rule you with Covid. This is my second time around the block with it (I got it in Jan 2020 before the former Pres acknowledged it was real.) and the Delta variant was nowhere near as harsh as the Alpha variant was FOR ME. However, the Delta variant IS more contagious. I’ve been studying a WHOLE LOT of science and biology since Feb 2020 about this and got to put all of that stuff into action this time.

Our bodies are designed to naturally do the work of beating v!ruses WHEN HEALTHY and PREPARED. Prophylaxis and recognizing and understanding the symptoms EARLY are important. Covid attacks quickly and dangerously and if you don’t attack it early it can get bad.

Since March I’ve kept Binax testing kits in our house. They’re 2 for $20 $14 at Walmart now and have been worth every penny so far.

Stay away from junk food, processed stuff, and limit dairy. Eat healthy and get active now. If anyone needs help or is struggling with Covid you can contact me for a consultation. I follow science and biology from around the world.  If you are not open to international data and science I am NOT open to you contacting me.

I have always been a germaphobe and my family often thinks I’m OCD with all of my germ rules since Covid started, but it doesn’t always make a difference if you’re around people who aren’t trying to slow the spread. Notice I said SLOW the spread-not stop. There is currently nothing that will completely stop this from spreading because of the nature of the v!rus.

Please continue to wear your mask PROPERLY when around others, wash your hands, and socially distance as much as possible to slow this thing down. The best thing is to be ready JUST IN CASE it comes your way. This thing isn’t going anywhere any time soon for ANYBODY (vaccinated or unvaccinated). Be safe out there. Winter is coming. I would personally suggest everyone start preparing for winter now if you haven’t. I’ll post more on that in a later blog.